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  • Dianah Wanjiku Kamande is the founder of Cometogether Widows and Orphans Organization (CTWOO).She is a widow and widow leader and a mother of two girls Praise and Cateprecious. She also has adopted other orphans to live with her and taken them to school with the help of well-wishers. [Read More]
  • Food is very important to every child for growth and we are happy we can provide some meals to 62 orphans this far and the number increases up to over 100 children every weekend.
  • Providing good and quality education is our role as Come together widows and orphan organization ………..
  • Widows do beadwork , tailoring and business training and they go to the market and sell the items they make and the knowledge they get during business training really helps them.
  • These activities are very important to all widows because they will be enlightened on how to live and cope with life and on how to be able to nurture young widows and orphans because death is inevitable.

WELCOME TO COME TOGETHER WIDOWS AND OPRHANS INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION, Many widows and their children suffer greatly in Kenya due to a variety of factors including:

  • Misinformed religious beliefs
  • Tribal beliefs and customs
  • Jealousy
  • Greed

 As a result widows and their children:

  • Become victims of mental, physical and sexual abuse including rape.
  • May have to undergo customary ‘cleansing’ rituals including being forced to have unprotected sex.
  • Are looked on with hatred and suspicion and are considered evil and to be bringing bad luck.
  • Can be systematically tortured and attacked (to the point of murder)
  • Are forced to commit degrading acts, like eating human flesh, having sex with thedead body.
  • Are accused of murdering the husband.
  • Are robbed of any inheritance and/or land and personal belongings..
  • Maybe separated and the children taken away by the husbands extended family.

In addition to the above a widow may:

  • Have all her hair shaved off,  jewellery stolen and be forced to wear black for the rest of her life.
  • Not be allowed ever to remarry, or may be forced to remarry someone not of her choosing.
  • Be stopped from attending important ceremonies including the marriage or burial of her own children.
  • May be left destitute and have to resort to prostitution.
  • Consider committing suicide to end their hardship.

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