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WELCOME TO COME TOGETHER WIDOWS AND OPRHANS INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION, Safeguarding the rights of vulnerable people is an important policy issue that requires urgent implementation in order to mitigate the risk associated with poverty within societies both urban and rural. This issue is very important and urgently needs intervention due to the recent developments, including the AIDS epidemic, globalization, illiteracy, climate change and other similar social and natural forces.

Its Against this backdrop that COME TOGETHER WIDOWS AND OPRHANS INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION was formed in September 2014 to help address the issue of poverty together with likeminded organization as its partners. Our key area of intervention is by supporting Widows and Orphans whom upon the  death of  their bread winners face challenges unknown to most other children/Women, essentially condemning them to a life of hardship and poverty.







To bring together orphans and widows in an effort to curb poverty and support educate the needy orphans.







As light illuminates to send darkness away, so is the organization in helping it’s members eradicate Poverty and certainly grow to be self dependent people in the community.